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We are looking for passionate candidates who can lose themselves in enthusiastic work.

We believe that as long as we continue to prioritize our own desires, we cannot claim to be truly committed to the work. Prior to any direct benefits, Azix is a company that values first "what we can do for people". We don't tolerate those who have no desire to improve themselves and who work only for money; however, for those who are eager to improve in order to achieve their future dreams, and who are willing to challenge their assumptions, Azix wishes to create a dream company by utilizing their strengths to prepare a fertile field. Under our three core policies--"prioritize altruism over egoism," "strive in ways that cannot be beaten," and "shape an idea, be absolutely positive"--, we offer opportunities for those who adhere to like philosophies, and who wish to experience various professional roles in a rapidly advancing advertising agency, as well as to grow as individuals through "hard work, vigorous play and inspired learning." Azix is the company for those energetic persons who can work toward their goals filled with the foresaid motivation. Under our corporate culture accelerated promotion opportunities are based on one's eagerness and contribution. We are looking forward to your energetic entry!

Job type ・Account manager, Sales
  ・Sales assistant
  ・WEB designer
Job description ・Client service
  ・Trade show/exhibition-related work
  ・WEB design, and advertising creation
  ・Marketing research/communication/planning
Qualification No qualifications required. Previous advertising experience in Japan advantageous.
Compensation Wage pattern: Daily-rate/monthly salary
Salary Depends on experience
* To be determined after considering experience, skills and abilities.
Work location New York
Work hours 8:45 am – 5:30 pm (plus overtime)
Holidays 5-day work week (Extra work on weekends may be necessary)
Application method Please send your resume and CV by e-mail or post. Selected applicants will be notified upon reviewing applications.