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Marketing priorities have shifted from the conventional marketing model of the 4Ps (Price, Place, Product, Promotion) to the 4Cs (Cost, Convenience, Customer, Communication). Human communication has also been evolving through social marketing of the 3Fs (Friend, Fan, Follower), as well as through the technological innovations of the Internet. Following these changes, "marketing + advertisement + PR + customer service" has also diversified, enabling the creation of various channels of communication.

We at Azix provides a full-scale of support, based on marketing research and through identifying problems from the viewpoint of consumers, to build a system and create strategies that "enable you to sell." We also help to develop concepts and merchandise that reflect our communication skills.


The basic brand strategy is one of corporate values well represented in word and design.
Brand is not created by the size of your advertising budget, nor through promotions.
Understanding the strengths of your company from various angles and markets, and establishing coherent values that can be provided are also important factors for branding.

We at Azix provide branding support by our top-quality creative team from the multiple perspectives of both Japan and the United States.


The most important key to successful events and promotions is to give a tremendous impact.
Tremendous impact, we believe, means to set up an attractive space that stimulates our target audience, as well as to create a place where the audience is impressed and moved.

Azix proposes a highly sensitive plan that reflects the needs of the times, providing the kind of "event style with new sensations" that a company and market demands.

Utilizing our long years of experience and know-how, we are capable of total production throughout the entire process, from pre-event executive office work to production, event management and report preparation.

・ Produce a trade show and a convention
・ Produce cultural events
・ Produce ceremony receptions
・ Sales promotion events


In this digital environment, large changes have been brought to communication between people. Ahead of these changes, we have been utilizing the 3Fs (Friend, Fun, Follower) of social media as part of our communication strategy.

We at Azix help you to expand your target clients and analyze your campaign by using social media.

Newspaper Subscription Agency

Newspaper Subscription Agency for Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Inc. (Nikkei newspaper). We are engaged in subscriber management and collection of subscription fees in America, Canada and a part of South America.

We also provide customer services, including responding to questions from subscribers, counseling before subscription, and renewal arrangements, as well as planning various campaigns and sales promotions.